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Halfway between the gutter and the stars

Not your everyday superhero

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20 October 1989

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"If you want the rainbow you must put up with the rain."

"Every new beginning comes from some other beginning's end."


My name is Laura, obviously

I have about 8 billion nicknames.



23 going on 2.F.Canadian.Taken :).Paper Bag Princess.Dreamer.

Rock Band. Guitar Hero. SingStar & DDR are love.

Known best online as Notepad.

Known best for getting herself into terrible relationship situations. Which are written about frequently.

7 Piercings.

Pets (in order acquired):
Minnie (RIP)
Mr. Jack Torrance

Batman is my biggest hero & my favourite hero.

I heart reading. Goodreads.

Welcome to Act Two. My old lj name was taintedxrain. Lovin the rename.
My original journal is lilelle.


I own neo_crack (good to go) & guildless (revamp?) & picturequest (revamp?) :)
My icon community is crimsoncrayons go join :) Make me happy.


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Layout by me.

"i like dvd", *hugs*, *insert randomness*, *meep*, *nod*, *poke*, *yawn*, acdc, acting, aim, alice in wonderland, angels, astrology, band trips, being angry, being crazy, biking, black things, blue things, books, bunnies, cats, charles manson, chicago(the movie), christmas lights, coke, computers, concerts, crayons, csi, dan radcliffe, dark corners, darkness, deavers, doors, downloading stuff, dr.seuss, dreaming, dreams, eating, elijah wood, emoticons, fiddler on the roof, finding nemo, fireworks, flip flops, food, friendly giant, halloween, harry potter, hugs, i dream of jeannie, icons, im, internet, jamie, johnny depp, kiara, king of the hill, korn, les misreables, linkin park, listing, listing things, live journal, lord of the rings, lurking, marilyn manson, mc hammer pants, meerca chase, messaging, mighty mouse, money, motley crue, movies, msn, murder, music, musicals, my rock, nataliedee.com, nature, neopets, neopoints, notepad, old school stuff, paint, parks, pepsi, phantom of the opera, phones, photography, pink panther, pirates, pirates of the carribean, playing games, pretty things, questions, quizzes, rain, randomness, ranting, reading, red shoes, rubber duckies, rum, sbsp, school, school of rock, secret window, shadowthief elite guild, shoes, shoots and ladders, shopping carts, shrek, simba, sleep, sports, starhawk, stephen king, stuffed animals, sum 41, swimming, swinging, swings, system of a down, teaching, the bee gees, the lion king, the meaning of life, the monkees, the outsiders, the paper bag princess, the simpsons, thinking, thunderstorms, tim wynne-jones, toothpastefordinner.com, totoro, trading spaces, ty pennington, typing, vacations, venting, violin, walking, watching movies, water, windows, writing stories.

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