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I posted this in naturalliving but I figured I'd post it here, I promise I'll do a proper update pronto!!! I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year and I look forward to the future!! Only good days ahead! :)

My friend and I recently became tired of how hard it is to find decent, affordable (!), organic and vegan cosmetics. So we decided to go on an adventure, and from this, Firestarter Cosmetics was born.
Under the cut is a bit about us, why we do what we do, and some pictures :)

My friend Amanda has allergies, you name it, she's allergic to it. This is where this whole adventure of finding organic cosmetics came in, but as many of you know, unless you make it yourself, you don't always know what goes in it, how or if its been contaminated with something else, etc. First and foremost we were focused on peace of mind :) (I signed up to help, because I've been trying to work on eliminating more and more from my life)
Our eyeshadow products only contain (some don't contain all these ingredients either):
Titanium Dioxide
Magnesium Stearate
Tin Oxide
Iron Oxide

The best part about doing this (besides the fact that its easy!) is that you can control what goes in it, and make things up as you go! Plus its fun! We've made some extremely bold colours and we're very excited about everything! We've started out small product wise (I'm still in my career field working on top of this and school!), but we will be growing and providing more and more make up such as lip products and concealers as the new year progresses :)

Anyway, I'll stop rambling and provide you all with some eye candy. ;)

Thanks for reading and looking! Best wishes to everyone in the new year!
- Laura :)
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