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:P alright..
to "christen" my new journal...

spam post.. and Im keeping it open for as long as I have this journal :D so anytime you want to work on it, go for it :P post anything you like, pictures, quotes, anon.confessions..etc :D

goal; (this is for unablextoxsmile I dont expect this many o.o ) 100 a million

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Most of my posts will be public although I do make the odd friends only post.

Beware of the following things;
* I swear like a trucker.
* I like quizzes- most are behind cuts
* I rant, more than I should.
* I ramble.
* Music is my life.
* I've had my heart broke countless times.
* I use emoticons more than the average person does in a year :S :P ;)
* ♥ I am a proud Canadian ♥

annnnnnnnnnnnnnd last but not least

* My logic very rarely makes sense.

Do drop me a comment though to let me know you found me and such :D and umm tell me a bit about yourself if you weren't friends with me on lilelle

This is lilelle's new journal :)

If you are new to this list or just feel like you want to know some more random stuff about me.. see here and/or here / here


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Happy Birthday to one of the greatest, strongest individuals (most) of us were lucky enough to know. I hope you're enjoying your "dirty 30" wherever you are Chas :) We all miss you!

As I always do on her birthday, I encourage you to google the worse disease you've never heard of. EB. Awareness is one step closer to getting rid of this terrible disease, before more butterflies get their wings.

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City shut down today wooohoo!

You know the snow and weather is bad when they pull that trick here. I think the last time was '95.

I had to get Evan to 4x4 me to work xD Visibility was so bad they pulled plows and closed the highways.

I think they've since re-opened the highways. It was brutal. The snow drift outside our house was thigh deep on me.



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Again its that time, new year, new journal :) Anything before new years is now been locked!

About me is updated, my resolutions are um um um...

Real update soon, promise! xx

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I posted this in naturalliving but I figured I'd post it here, I promise I'll do a proper update pronto!!! I hope everyone had a safe and happy new year and I look forward to the future!! Only good days ahead! :)

My friend and I recently became tired of how hard it is to find decent, affordable (!), organic and vegan cosmetics. So we decided to go on an adventure, and from this, Firestarter Cosmetics was born.
Under the cut is a bit about us, why we do what we do, and some pictures :)
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Thanks for reading and looking! Best wishes to everyone in the new year!
- Laura :)